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Hydrocolloid Pimple Patch

So you have a Blemish on your face or body and you want it to heal, rather than dabbing your face with white acne creams and risk making the pimple worse, let us introduce you to pimple patches. Hydrocolloid Pimple Patches allow the user to apply the Patch and forget about the pimple for a whole day. This allows the pimple to go undisturbed during that day weather your sleeping, going out, meeting someone or just to let it heal.

There are several types of pimple patches, the first and most common being hydrocolloid (a gel-like material that doctors have used for decades to heal wounds). “Hydrocolloid patches are most effective at pulling fluid out of acne, making them best to use on puss-filled pimples, like whiteheads,” says Irene Gladstein, MD, founder and medical director at ENHANCE Aesthetic Arts in New York City.

So if you have a bad habit of picking your pimples try out some Skin-Tack Hydrocolloid Pimple patches and stop picking to let your blemishes heal back to normal.

Going out for a night on the town? or you have a formal party and a pimple has popped up due to that chocolate you ate last night? well no worries simply clean the area of the pimple and apply the pad, then apply make-up to your face as normal and your done. No OILS, MAKE-UP, BACTERIA or other things get into your pimple allowing you to get on with enjoying your time. After you remove your Make-Up, remove patch and clean area and replace to finish healing.

Benefits of Hydrocolloid pimple pads

  • Easy to use
  • Protects while you sleep
  • Stops picking
  • Reduces swelling
  • Hides your pimples
  • Can apply makeup over without harming the pimple
  • Easy to remove and replace

Wash pimple and area with fresh water and dry with clean cloth

Select a pad and remove from plastic, ensure to use your nails as to not touch the underside of the pad

Apply Skin-Tack Pimple pad to the dry pimple, make sure the patch is centered over the pimple to ensure a good stick and press gently towards the edges to ensure a good seal and leave alone for 24 hours

Now its time to remove, gently peal off one side and replace or enjoy the results