Come take a look at what we provide and some basic information about the products and further links to check out the scientific side of things.

Hydrocolloid Dressings

This amazing dressing is designed to keep out all water and bacteria from your wound, Ulcer, Bed sores, Cut, Burn and keep a perfect moisture over the wound to allow the body to heal.

This Dressing reduces wound disruption.

With only needing to change the dressing every 3-7 days the wound gets more time in the perfect environment to heal and because it needs less changing, you do not disrupt the wound due to constant cleaning, changing after bathing and water damage

Impermeable to Bacteria

Hydrocolloid dressings significantly reduce risk of infection due to their layered wafer matrix material, made up of gums and polymers. They are also 100% waterproof so allowing the patient to continue with regular bathing and even swimming without disrupting the wound.

Simple to apply

Very easy product to apply, simply wash your hands and clean the area you want to apply the dressing and dab dry with a sterile gauze and wait to dry for a couple minutes then if the wound is smaller then the dressing, cut out a piece leaving a 0.5 inch boarder allowing for the bandage to expand and absorb moisture and stay sticking. Heat up the dressing by putting it between your hands while the area dries and that allows the dressing to mold to the skin and stick better. Remove the plastic and place on the center of the wound and press gently from the inside out to the edges to remove air bubbles and then press gently to stick well.

Benefits of using Hydrocolloid

For us the main benefit of using the Hydrocolloid Dressing is that it is as easy as applying a regular plaster but allows you to keep doing what you do.

Adhers only to intact skin

The dressing will only stick to the skin surrounding the wound and not to the wound its self which makes it great when it comes time to remove the dressing, leaving minimal disruption of the wound.

High water retention

Hydrocolloid dressing is designed to absorb liquid coming from the wound and store it in the water retaining polymers in the dressing, this allows the dressing to regulate the moisture under the bandage.

Why do you need this?

Everyone should be using the Hydrocolloid dressing over traditional bandages or dressings as it can act as a plaster or gauze but its much more effective in healing, does not allow the wound to dry, keeps it safe from bacteria, stops things rubbing against the wound, less waste on the planet and its BIODEGRADABLE.

Spend less time worrying about your wounds and apply a Hydrocolloid dressing today.

Who Needs This

For example a Chef who cuts his finger in the kitchen. They can clean up the cut, dry the area let sit until it stops bleeding and apply the dressing as a bandage, it acts as a second skin and now they can continue cooking as if they never cut themselves, no pain from anything hitting it or getting under the plaster like Lime Juice or Chilli or any worry of bacteria getting in or out of the bandage, The chef can still wash their hands as normal and not worry about a soggy, smelly bandage bleeding everywhere or wearing a glove to continue.


For another example, Hunting and Hiking. Everyone needs a medic kit when they adventure into the wild. If you get a cut out in the wild its hard to protect from bacteria and water so carrying some of the Hydrocolloid dressing you can clean as normal the area and apply the bandage and now continue your hiking experience and not worry about water from the rivers infecting your wound and after 3-7 days remove and check wound. If the dressing falls off in the nature it is biodegradable and wont pollute the planet, starts with one plaster at a time.


People who need to be in water a lot. Swimmer, Surfers, Diving, Windsurfing, Kite-Boarding you name it they could do with it. So as we know salt water is good for the wounds but not always, so for someone who gets a wound and they still need to enter the water there is no other replacement for this dressing. The person can swim for a good amount of time and the bandage will stay adhered to the skin and the wound unaffected.

Surfers who get a reef cut can clean the wound first let dry and apply the Hydrocolloid dressing and continue surfing without worry of the E coli in the water infecting the wound again. Using the bandage in this way significantly reduces the time it will stick which means changing more often but allowing you to continue doing the activities you love without the worry of infections or further damage. So when your away from a pharmacy of doctor chasing some waves or hunting you can at least take care of yourself from infections and keep going.