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Welcome to Wicked Medicals.

We came across these magnificent products as we traveled the world and saw how they where being used in the normal day lives of people and how they had a much better effect on caring for small to medium wounds then conventional styles on the market such as Band-Aids or plasters. and we are gonna bring them to you for cheaper.

Those products cover the wound but do not protect the wound, without forming the full 100% water and 100% bacteria barrier your wounds are susceptible to infection.

Our Skin-Tackā„¢ products which is just a more customer friendly name for the Hydrocolloid dressings, stick to only the intact skin around the wound and form a layer over the wound as if the skin was fully intact allowing the wound to heal from the inside out and in a moist environment like its meant to be.

This also allows you as the user to go about bathing and normal living without even worrying about the bed sores, or cut from a knife, reef cut on your foot or pimple on your face.

Hydrocolloid Dressing

The dressing can be used as a whole or cut into the appropreate size with rounded corners, apply over the center of the wound and gently press out to the edges and press flat. Dont remove until it is ready to fall off, usually between 3-7 days, Easy.

Making this dressing much more cost effective for your body and wallet

Hydrocolloid Plaster

The plaster makes it quick and easy to apply the dressing over smaller wounds such as cuts and blisters on any part of the body. with the ability to stick to skin extremely well, these can be used in the toughest spots where a normal plaster just wont suffice. leave on until it falls off naturally

Hydrocolloid Pimple Patch

These little beauties are cut into the perfect size for covering pimples. simply clean the popped pimple and let dry, then slip a pad off the plastic and over the center of the pimple and leave it there to watch the wonders of the patch work, remove the next day and clean